The shipment of hanging garments by RunninGoods is a special service which focuses primarily on fashion clothing that is shipped hanging and ready for sale in stores or delivered differently compared to classic packaging.

This service requires a high specialisation in organisation and technology; our company has acquired know-how that allows us to manage hanging garment shipments of any size and for any destination in the Canton Ticino, Switzerland and the major nations in Europe.

In the shipment of hanging garments, the goods must always be handled with the utmost care by experienced staff to ensure a fast delivery in perfect condition, ready for final sale. From the collection at source to the delivery to at destination such as a store or a warehouse, RunninGoods manifests the highest levels in quality standards in the transport service for hanging garments.

Our service follows predefined procedures that ensure that each stage of the hanging garment shipment is perfectly executed.

First, the hanging garments are collected at the customer site with trucks equipped with special devices that allow for the clothes to be hung in a vertical position; all vehicles are equipped with anti-theft devices and GPS remote monitoring technology.

This is followed by unloading of the vehicles at our warehouses equipped for the storage of hanging garments; storage takes place in specially fitted premises which ensure perfect conservation of the product (including dust-proof and moisture-proof systems) and equipped with anti-theft, fire alarm and security systems.

The hanging garments are then sent to their destination and final delivery is made directly to the end customer. The hanging garment approach has the primary advantage of assuring that merchandise arrives exactly as it left the factory, ready to be put on sale.

RunninGoods is the ideal partner for anyone requiring an efficient and professional service for the shipment of hanging garments in Canton Ticino, Switzerland and Europe.

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