We thought of a “dedicated” service for all those customers who need to move their goods with constant tracking and assurance of very short delivery times.

We have an express road delivery service in Canton Ticino, Switzerland and the whole of Europe, which provides dedicated deliveries and timing agreed with the customer, guaranteeing the maximum speed of delivery.
With the Express shipping service, goods collection and delivery are made directly in order to assure zero risk of damage or loss of the shipment; thus the goods, once loaded, are not manipulated until the reference destination.

RunninGoods run express deliveries in the entire Canton Ticino, Switzerland and the major European nations; our express service stands out from the competition especially for its ultimate flexibility and quality of service.

All this is possible thanks to the use of special vans dedicated to the customer’s merchandise. Once loaded, the goods travel under the control of a GPS tracking system.

Our express shipments, using reliable partner vehicles, are carried out in a quick and thorough manner for each shipment using the means best suited to the type of load and the goods destination. Our computerised shipment management system allows us to follow the progress of the entire express shipment and to know the status and delivery times of the goods in an accurate and timely manner; this increases the normal safety standards and allows for loading and unloading operations with scheduled timing.

We deliver throughout Switzerland and across the borders in 24 hours: we can get into big cities and in small towns, in the most remote places and in small islands, in the city centres and in the suburbs, without any limits for weight or volume, customising , for each shipment, the relevant delivery times and procedures.

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Fill in the form indicating what service you would you need and we shall provide a quick and detailed reply for your shipment.

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