Our “overland” shipment service in Ticino, Switzerland and Europe is divided into two types: Full truck load (FTL) and Less than truck load (LTL); the first, by its definition, involves shipment with fully laden trucks, while the second is a road shipment with a partially laden vehicle (incomplete load).

Thanks to the flexibility of our structure, we offer truck-transport services in Europe for any quantity from simple single carton to full truck (FTL).

Full load-shipping services for various goods (including ADR shipments), implemented with articulated trucks, are available for all domestic routes in Switzerland and Canton Ticino and abroad for the following European countries: Italy, France, Spain, Germany and UK.

On long-distance runs there is the second driver, ensuring travel continuity from origin to destination in compliance with current regulations.

Our experts are available to evaluate the right solution for each individual shipment together with the client.

All vehicles working for RunninGoods in Ticino, Switzerland and Europe are monitored via a remote control system based on real-time GPS location.

The groupage overland shipment service is a special type of transportation that bundles small quantities of goods from different senders (of course addressed to diverse recipients) to make up a single delivery batch over the trunk route. The groupage alone can complete the load by itself or be a part of a larger entire shipment (for example a pallet or a container)

RunninGoods offers an efficient groupage shipment service of in the Canton Ticino, Switzerland and to the major nations in Europe, from the refrigerated truck with (GPS) remote monitoring system to the simple articulated truck, up to the exceptional load transport trailer.

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